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Joao Luca Da Silva: Brazil

I would like to say thanks for our time together. It was a great pleasure to ride with everybody. For Brazilian people "bicycling"is a sport or a means to have fun. For Italian people it is a religion. I have been learning a lot about italian cyclists for a long time. But now after New York, I was able to understand more and i love it. It was very nice to be part in "Squadra Azzurra". You guys are a like a very funny family and I feel part of that. So, thank you for everything. I hope to see you again. Regards. Thanks for all. The Bike Division is the best!!!!

Stan and Kate Morgan UK - Granfondo Roma, October 2015​

Dear Silvia and Andrea, just a small gift to say thanks for all your help, we had wonderfull time. Sorry about the pedals, it was my mistake, I should have realized. Kate and me can not believe Andrea went to all the efforts to get us pedals! Cheers, Stan and Kate

Colin Robinson - Dolomites Cycling Tour - September 2015

Michela, I would just like to thank you for your organisation of our Dolomites trip which worked perfectly. Roberto was a perfect host, provided us with everything we needed and was good company in the evenings too, although I think it was hard for him sometimes to keep pace with our multiple conversations in English and with our warped sense of humour. I am sure that we shall do something similar again in the future, perhaps a little nearer to Ancona, to cut down on the travel for your team!!! Once again thank you. Kind regards Colin Robinson

Martin Day - from Canada - Italy Cycling Tour - May 2015

Thank you guys, I really enjoyed the tour of Italy. Lets plan on another one in a few years - Emoticon smile.


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