Bike Division Co-Founder and former athlete of the italian national cycling team

  • 11 Years Career
  • 7 Giri d'Italia
  • 4 World Championships
  • 1 Tour de France
  • 5 Vuelta a España

Ride like a professional

with Andrea Tonti

Andrea Tonti - Co-Founder and Event Manager of Bike Division Tour Operator is one of the most renowned cyclists in the Pro Peloton of the years 2000.

Born in the Marche, region of Italy, with a great passion for cycling, he has left his mark as one of the best cyclists and domestiques (gregario) of his generation and nation.

A Professional cyclist from 1999 to 2010, he was part of some of the best pro-tour bike teams in the world, such as Saeco, Lampre, Quick Step, and Acqua&Sapone.

In professional cycling he was always the man of trust, the Leiutenant, and main source of guidance to all of his captains. His Palmares include such major bike races of the world as: 7 times Giro D'Italia, where 2 were won by his captains, Gilberto Simoni (2003) and Damiano Cunego (2004), he was a member of the Italian National Team on 4 occasions for the World Road Championships, where 2 were won by Paolo Bettini (2007) and Alessandro Ballan (2008), 1 Tour de France and 5 Vuelta de Espana, best summarise his spectacular career.

Having ended his career as a professional cyclist, in 2010, he started a new career as a Manager and Sports Director of a professional cycling team. But at the same time, Andrea starts pursuing his idea of organising cycling holidays and bike tours for passionate cyclists, with the main purpose of taking all cyclists to major international and national events, combining together the challenge of the race with the discovery of the territory.

Andrea’s Mission in BIKE DIVISION is to provide all his experience and offer a perfect bike travel experience to all those cyclists that choose one of our bike tour packages.