The Giro will start in less than a month and this edition is the centenary! The countdown for the most loved competition in Italy started and this edition, the 100th, will be extraordinary as ever. Andrea Tonti, who is in the technical committee this year, tells us the Giro with the eyes, the experience and the memories of who lived and took on this race 

Andrea with Gilberto Simoni and Damiano Cunego at Giro d'Italia 2004

 Talking about the Giro always causes in me a feeling: it has been the main goal for years in my career and we reached it twice. In 2003 with Gilberto Simoni and in 2004 with Damiano Cunego, gaining and wearing the MAGLIA ROSA till the end, and then another second place of “Gibo” in 2005.  

How many rises, how many Km with the wind blowing in my face to protect my captains, how many tension and pressure with the captain in maglia rosa, always careful to rival’s attacks, to keep the highest positions, eat healthy and rest as much as possible at the end of every stage

Every second, every minute more of rest, multiplied for 20 days means a lot for an athlete, and the Giro can be won or can be lost just for details and every time we left to WIN! 

I participated in 7 editions of the Giro and I still have images in my mind and feelings on my skin. Moments of joy and pain: for example, I’ll never forget the Giau Pass, the toughest I ever did in 2005… maybe a bad day but those 16km, with a slop around 14%, were endless and devastating! At the same time, I can’t relive the extraordinary emotions I lived on the stage in Milan celebrating with Simoni and Cunego their challenges after 21 days of fight with worthy opponents! 

Andrea with Gilberto Simoni, Milano 2003

Andrea with Damiano Cunego, Milano 2004

So, the Giro is unmatched, 20 stages which make you breathless on a ground which deserves, for its characteristics, surprises and attacks when you least expect it. I’ll be there also this year, to ride with you and to live together the emotions of the Giro! Check out our proposal to join us for one of the most loved bicycle races in the World!