The Marche is one of the most unknown region in Italy, just because we are very jealous of our land: nobody can contaminate our charming territory.  From the fascinating Riviera del Conero to the Monti Sibillini, this region has a lot to offer and to discover. At the same time we are also very proud of the Marche, so we want to show it in an innovative way.  Did you know that “The Guardian” inserted the Marche in its “Travel hot list 2016”?  If you are asking why keep reading! 

Here there are the stages that we will ride during our tour in June and September (more info here


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Near the capital of Ancona there is Sirolo, “the pearl of the Adriatic” which is Bandiera Blu (an eulogy for eco-friendly beaches). An amazing coast, cliffs, white caves and pine groves which overlook to the crystalline sea. You can take a minute of relax, take a breath and sip a glass of wine in the lovely terrace in front of the waves. 

marche bike tour bike division tour operator sirolo

Not so far from Sirolo there is Recanati: the native city of the famous poet Giacomo Leopardi! From here we can easily reach the Stage 2. 


The Marche is not just beautiful landscapes, it is also cooking! You can taste an amazing fish but also some specialties in the inland of the region.

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For example in the Macerata area are very famous cheese like the “Pecorino” and cured meats like “Ciauscolo” (a soft salami, fabulous on toasted bread!). To complete a good meal we also need a good wine like the Verdicchio DOC of Matelica or the Rosso Piceno.

marche bike tour bike division tour operator

This zone offers pleasures for the taste, the eyes and the mind: old churches, museums and wonderful green areas where we can have a break before the next stage!


From the cost to the inland you can find magic villages, which are considered the most beautiful of Italy. Between them there is Offida, hidden among the hills, known as “the city of smiling” where traditions are very strong: like the art of crochet and the famous Carnival of the city.

marche bike tour bike division tour operator

The folklore is very intense in the zone of Ascoli Piceno where, every August, there is the “Giostra della Quintana” (a Medieval re-enactment) and, in the same period, the festival of the acclaimed “Oliva all’ascolana”, a typical food: a fried olive filled with meat. 

We are now ready to show you our last stage! 


Between the valleys of the Menocchia stream and the Tesino River there is Ripatransone. It rises in a panoramic position which gained the title of “Belvedere del Piceno”. Ripatransone joins the National Association City of the oil and City of honey. The most famous attraction here is the Tight Alley, which is very small: it is 43cm large! 

marche bike tour bike division tour operator

Our trip around the Marche end here, just for now! If you want to explore this wonderful region join us in the Marche Bike Tour 2017 (info here)! 

Remember: “A trip in the Marche, not in hurry, brings surprises”!