White sandy beaches, turquoise sea, silent Buddhist temples and futuristic skyscrapers: Thailand is a cocktail of contrasts spiced with the cordiality of its people who made Thailand famous as “The land of smiles” and a great touristic destination. Contrary to the common thought this country is still full of amazing places virgin of tourism. 

Our Thailand Bike Tour is made to let people know the authenticity of this country: we can discover fantastic places by bike, places never mentioned on the travel guides. Our efforts will be rewarded by satisfaction and, don’t worry, there will be also moments of relax! We will celebrate New Year’s Eve on Hua Hin beach, taking part to the traditional launch of the sky lanterns. A spectacular and emotional ritual, enriched with fireworks to illuminate the night and the midnight swim! 

Waiting to live this new experience we can describe you some of the stages, but to live the magic of these places you must follow us by bike! 


Hua Hin


Our base is Hua Hin, seaside resort in the Gulf of Thailand, 200km far from Bangkok. King Rama IV Mongkut was in love with the white sandy beaches and in the 20s built the Wang Klai Klangwon Palace, the vacation residence of the Royal Family. Hua Hin changed from simple village of fishermen to modern city in perfect Thailand style where you can find everything. It’s a sophisticate and no chaotic city: usually the tourists of this city are citizens and families from Bangkok. Water parks, kilometers of seaside, shopping and fun… Who won’t cycle can find thousands ways to lost himself in the Thai atmosphere. You can’t miss the weekly market of Cica, a mix of handmade, food and live music! 


Pranburi Bay

We will start with a parade lap on country roads, passing through pineapple plantations, paddies and small villages – we will reach a breathtaking dam surrounded by mountains which provide water for the entire region. 

The daily bike rides vary from 75 to 130km: there will be local expert bike guides with us and the intensity will be agreed to allow everyone to fully enjoy this great adventure. 


Sam Roy Yot National Park

We will explore the park during our third day. The “Mountain with 300 peaks” is an area characterized by spectacular elevations up to 605m! We will reach it by excellent roads and new cycle lanes that run along beautiful beaches, mangroves forests and many observation points. 


Wat Huay Mongkol Temple


Thailand isn’t just spectacular nature but also culture and traditions: another stage of our bike tour will be the Buddhist Wat Mongkol Temple. We will be gob smacked admiring the huge black statue of the famous monk Luang Por Tuada. Legend has it that the monk transformed the sea water into potable water. The huge black statue is at the end of a wide staircase which starts from an enormous wooden elephant: tradition dictates that touching the genital of the elephant brings you luck, health and happiness… Try to believe! ;) 


Palau Waterfall


Another stage dedicated to the uncontaminated nature: we will reach the Myanmar border to admire these majestic waterfalls. It will be a day of climbing on one of the last places in Thailand where elephants live free. We will go back on the riverbed for more than 1000mt through jungle and nature: hard but satisfying. 

So… do you want to live this adventure? If your answer is yes, please contact us at northamerica@bikedivision.tours