On our Rio de Janeiro Bike Tour you can ride immerse on the amazing nature of Brazil from mountains to the beaches and you can also experience the Olympic Road Cycling!

But Rio is not just cycling, it’s also fun, culture and art! 

So we decided to propose you three amazing experiences to fully live this colored city! 

1. Walk through the magic city of Rio! 

A guided visit to the Rio Antigo on foot, to discover all the secrets of this magic city!  

2. Corcovado& Christ the Redeemer 

Climb to the top of the Corcovado mountain to the white statue of the Christ the redeemer dominating the city.
Take the chance to see it as closer as possible! How will you reach the top? We will take the typical  train for a journey from the Cosme Velho through the Tijuca Forrest!  

3. Are you ready to samba? 

After our farewell dinner enjoy the fascinating show, savor the famous Brazilian Carnival atmosphere

Join us to live all this extraordinary experiences! 

Take a look to our proposal, Rio is waiting for you!