Today we will talk to you about a dream. A dream where as always, are involved things like cycling, sweat, hills, beers and accidents. But more than any other thing, it’s a dream based on friendships and sharing. A dream that for many of you has become reality.
Let’s start then!
Some months ago a guy gets in touch with us, he spoke with a classic London accent, but as soon as he started to talk in italian we immediately recognized his Neaples accent. “Mia nonna era di Napoli”, he says. “E je so’ parlà solo napulitan”. (“My mum is from Neaples, i can only speak” Napoletano””)
He tells us about his life, his rides across the globe, and in the end he tells us that he would love to ride a cost to coast trip in Italy.
It takes us very little time to organize a call, and in less than an hour we already had tracked what the route of the trip would have been.
Departure from Rimini, Arrival in Ortobello. A three day trip.
Ready? Go!

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