Travelling during the Coronavirus Infection

After the last weekend’s Corona Virus scare, here in Italy we all freaked out, fearing the contagion.
Being Bike Division an International Tour Operator, we have immediately noticed the need for some truly-reliable data about the virus and the situation.

I have booked a trip with Bike Division, will i be able to depart?

If you are not sick and you do not live in a self confined area, there is no reason not to depart!

Taking into consideration reliable data, is the Corona Virus  (COVID-19) really that dangerous?

According to the Italian Health Institute, in the 90% of coronavirus-infected cases, people recover from the sickness only developing a simple influenza and without serious implications. In the remaining 10% of cases the subjects develop a pneumonia that in most cases does not even require hospitalization.
Only a small part of cases, the situation does get a bit more serious, especially for elderly people.
In according to this data, we are able to say that while deploying simple mesures to prevent the spreading of the virus, like:

– Washing your hands frequently
– Avoiding face to face contact with strangers
– Avoiding to touch your nose, mouth and eyes with dirty hands
It’s totally safe to travel to cities where the virus has not spread.

Does Bike Division sell travel packages in contaminated regions?

We are currently monitoring the situation constantly and we can easily affirm that none of the promoted locations are currently infected.
Therefore we would like to chill up all of our cyclists friends and clients, in fact none of the activities that we promote are currently cancelled.

See you soon on the saddle!!


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